Pawin Studio is a Textile Design Studio, Bangkok based, specializing in Surface Printing. Our studio aims to provide an alternative choice for interior and hospitality decoration. An innovative artwork with full of creativities certainly beautifies the space with unique identity. 

Interior Printing Products.

SOFT FINISHING: Interior fabric, Outdoor fabric, PE&PU Leathers.
WALLCOVERING: Wallpaper, Accent wall-upholstery.
DECORATIVE PRODUCT: Throw Pillow, Bed runner, Framed artwork, Tray, Canvas painting.
HARD SURFACE FINISH: Metal, Stainless steel, Glass, Wood, MDF, Acrylic, Epoxy resin.


Pattern and Print
We create Bespoke Patterns and print collections for individual design projects. By referring to the giving mood and images. Also making technical repeats, controlling color ways and coordinating prints effect.
Design Develop
We can develop Your Design in order to fits within the preferent dimension and site installation. Managing the file size and resolution to be ready for printed digitally.
Stock Prints
We offer a collection of Stock Prints available as JPEG or TIFF files. We aim to make designs as adaptable as possible for every surfaces and products. Please contact us for requesting the exclusive stock print catalogue.


We have earned a reputation for creativity and custom-tailored client services. Despite of our extensive in-house designer, specialized vendors and creative partners, enable us to illustrate almost any concepts and projects whether it’s your design or one we have created for you. Below here are the 6 steps of processes to create and complete the project.


We can develop the similar patterns or re-create new prints from the given mood images or reference photos. If there are any specific story or initial concept that would make the print bespoke and unique.


Size and Scale are important to create the print design, we need to know the actual size of the apply space or artwork frame then we will manage the perfect print scale for you.


After we have concluded on the design and sizing, there is an important issue to be consider is the costing. Most of our products have the standard price. However, we always want the give every client the best and reasonable price therefore if you have amount of the order that would be great. To start the production, you shall pay the first installment as per our invoice sending.


There are several materials that can be decorate for interior spaces. Our factory serves all kinds of print technologies according to the resources. If we could know the materials or products to be printing, then we can choose the right technique to apply on.


We always control the standard of our services by providing a test print before starts the production. Regarding to the production timeline, we would require 20-30 working days for small project. For larger project can discuss on the schedule later on.


Bangkok area We offer a free standard delivery for the entitles customers in Bangkok. Please allow 3-5 working days, following the date your order has been confirmed.

Discover your unique style with our textiles and apparels.



Pawin Studio

1112/39 Phrakanong, Klong toei Bangkok 10110.
+66 85 415 4664
Open hours Monday – Friday 09.00 am – 18.00 pm
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